Nonlinear Optics, Nanoparticles and Amyloids

– application of nonlinear optics and gold nanoparticles to study amyloid formation

The presented project will address the issue of the amyloid formation and search for new techniques and materials applicable in the imaging and control of the protein aggregation. Within this project we are going to apply gold nanoparticles as markers for NIR fs laser imaging of the formation and morphology of amyloids. Moreover, we will explore nonlinear optical properties of amyloids as a potential source of enhanced selectivity of optical imaging of amyloids. Finally, we will investigate liquid crystalline properties of amyloids and self-organization in amyloids-nanoparticles systems.


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The project is financed within the framework of the Fundation for Polish Science FIRST TEAM Programme.

 Project value: 1 875 820,00 PLN

Duration: 3 years


Patryk Obstarczyk, Adrian Wiecek, Manuela Grelich, Krzysztof Nadolski and Anna Grzesik presented posters during ICNP 2018 conference and gave oral presentations during PANIC 2018.


We sucessfully recruited a PhD student Patryk Obstarczyk and two students: Manuela Grelich and Pawel Cwynar to NONA project. Welcome on board!


NONA members took part in 2nd Wroclaw Scientific Meetings with two poster presentations.


We sucessfully recruited a PhD student Radoslaw Deska and two students: Patryk Obstarczyk and Adrian Wiecek to NONA project. Welcome on board!

Project leader

dr inż Joanna Olesiak-Bańska

contact: joanna.olesiak (at)

Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

Wybrzeze Wyspianskiego 27

50-370 Wroclaw

building A2, room 125b